Sacred Body Temple Membership

Sacred Body Temple Membership ​ We will be journeying each month with the collective frequency and of individual needs and desires. ​ I will be channeling some codes and sound medicine that will help you receive what you need to be receiving on that specific day with whatever you are working with. ​ This will be unique personally with what you are experiencing in your life, relationship and your business. ​ You will be experiencing your own guides, my own guides, the support here from myself and all the being who are here to help us feeling held, loved, supported in our journey through our life. Whether it is support you need personally in your relationship or business. You will all experience that. ​ Whether you are going through some transitions, you are feeling stuck and lost in your current timeline right now. That could be connected to any part of the timeline, what we are working with is not linear. ​ You will receive the medicine each month during our calls. ​ This is a place where you are realigning, restructuring yourself as you meet life with openness. ​ I will be doing mentoring and guidance on how to be able to meet life with what it offers you. Whether it is through our painful experiences, through a challenge, or through a new beginning or an opening of a new path or a new creation. ​ The fields we are creating in this container are all about our heart frequency, each individual unique frequency. Each person adds to this frequency and what we are going to heal as a collective. ​ We are going to be stepping in our sovereign power and our truth. ​ When I am in this container as a channel, as a seer, as a multi-dimensional healer, and a medicine woman I am opening myself up to what is available to all of us and what we all need individually and as a collective. ​ There is going to be limitless possibility of what you are going to be experiencing here. The downloads, the messages, somatic experiences, and creations that are possible. ​ You will be able to share and ask questions during our calls together. ​ You will be able to learn some tools that I am using for myself and my clients that would be helpful for your life to be able to support yourself with what you are going through in all aspects of your business and your life. ​ ​ ​ Intentions for the Space/Container: Recalibration & restructuring of chaos into love & essence. Christ Consciousness To find clarity in any situation you are moving in. Attunement to sacred heart & inner soul mission. To honor both the light & dark and liminal space within the body. Receiving channeled wisdom & guidance from the Star Nation & Spirit Guides. Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing Potential individualized body medium guidance. ​ ​ ​ Some of the Mediums We Will be Working In Are (but are not limited to): Light Language Sacred Sound Drum Medicine Guided Meditation Energy Healing Body Medium Psychic Scan Channeled Guidance Movement & Breath Work ​ ​ ​ ​ This space is perfect for: Those who are desiring to be of service to the earth. Those who are going through major transformation or transition in their life and need clarity in their path & soul contract. Those who want to connect with their spirit guides. Those who want to experience magic. Those who want to experience sacred alchemy. Those who want to experience the chemical process of turning pain into their strength & teacher. Those who are willing to do the inner work. Those who are willing to get to know and honor their bodies more. Those who want to listen to their bodies more. ​ ​ Details ​ * Monthly Group Calls on the Full Moon at 11:11am ET * Ongoing Membership (cancel anytime) * $111/month
Sacred Body Temple